Why Choose The Evening Desert Safari Tours In Dubai?

There are an array of reasons to choose the evening desert safari tours in Dubai. Professional guides provide adventure-seekers total assistance from the beginning of the desert safari to the end of the safari. They will pick you from your hotel or destination, reach you to the desert locale where the multiple adventures are planned. At the end of the safari, you will be reached back to your hotel or destination by the same guides.

Moreover, during the adventure session, they will provide you complete assistance. All safety instructions, if any, will be provided to you by the professional guides. Though all the adventure activities of the overnight desert safari tour are safe, continued assistance will be provided by the professional guides.

Professional guides will instruct you on quad biking, dune bashing, camel trekking if you are not familiar with the adventure activities of the evening desert safari tours. Thus, you can learn to drive quad bikes across the desert terrains, enjoy the exciting dune bashing and have an awesome experience in the desert terrains of the global city.

The evening desert safari Dubai tours are planned at the sunset hours.You  can commence your adventure session with camel trekking at the desert safari Dubai tours. Get alight the well-groomed camels and explore the desert stretch in the cool evenings. You can admire the desert sunset in all its glory seated atop the tame camels. Have no stress for  travelling on camel back. Well-trained animals, camels are harmless and the best friends to human beings for desert travel.

With camel trekking as such a big experience, even new tourists to the desert scapes love their ride greatly. Many of them are delighted to travel on the camel for an entire hour fondly recalling the earlier times when man used to traverse the desert on camels for various purposes. Camels were the most important part of Arabian culture and now you can ride camels too! Don’t miss out on this great experience.

The professional guide will help you ascend and descend from the camel offering you total assistance. Even women and children can travel on camels as this is safest adventure of the overnight desert safari tour Dubai. Then, you should plan photography session in Arabic costumes while some daylight is still left.

The adventure-packed desert safaris are the favourite of all. The reason is its additional inclusions over other safaris.

There are plenty of best inclusions in the  overnight desert safari tour. Besides the adventure activities,  you can enjoy refreshments in the camp, henna tattooing for women, Shisha smoking, belly dancing, desert drives on dunes,  BBQ dinner.  The entertainment, BBQ dinner are all absent in the other desert safari tours planned at different hours.

Thus, the desert safari evenings are special hours filled with entertainment and fun. You can start your day with the adventure session and then return to the camp where entertainment activities, refreshments are provided. You can feast on Shawarma and refreshments, starters after the thrills session have left you famished and fatigued.

You can enjoy Shisha smoking and catch the belly dancers swaying at their best. Women can opt for henna tattooing and relax in the evening. After the entertainment session has ended, a delectable BBQ dinner including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are served to the tourists. Enjoy the Arabian cuisine while feasting on the lavish barbecue fare served to you in the desert safari evening.

With its eclectic inclusions, evening desert safari tours are packed with entertainment, adventure and scrumptious fare. This safari experience will leave you delighted and settled with your adventure instincts.  Complimentary drinks and plenty of mineral water is served to you throughout the safari to keep you supple and happy. You should also focus on certain aspects while planning the safari experience. You can wear comfortable pants for the safari and this will help you move freely. When you have to travel on camel back and climb on its back, pants are comfortable. Men can use shorts or pants while women can use pants  or leggings for the overnight desert safari tour Dubai.

The evening desert safaris are the best tour option offered by the tour operators. Its top inclusions are ideal for guests and they are planned to enrich the experience of the visitors. With their additions, the tour operators ensure that plenty of guests appreciate the safari experience and enjoy their tour to the fullest. They strive to improve the experience of the safari, ensure hydration of the guest, confirm their safety and develop their interests in the desert safaris. They focus on whetting the adventure interests of the guest and have been successful to a great extend.

The global city Dubai is now in limelight for a new big reason – desert safari tours in Dubai. The desert safaris are attracting visitors in the recent years more than other attractions. The new adventure exploits in the city are enticing visitors from across the globe and evoking new interests in them for visiting Dubai as the desert terrains of the city has transformed to be thrills station.

For many, the desert safaris in Dubai are the choicest engagement and they love the experience. The tourists are eager to explore the desert terrains and enjoy their first adventure experience in the global city.

So, there are plenty of reasons why you should plan  desert safari tour Dubai. Go ahead and enjoy desert safari Dubai tours.

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