Desert Safari To Dubai – 2022

Explore Incredible Desert Safari Experience In Dubai
Welcome To Desert Safaris in Dubai…

A most thrilling and exhilarating desert safari experience awaits you in Dubai. The global city with plenty of attractions is now also famed for its exciting desert safaris. You can plan your safaris at the most convenient hours as morning, afternoon, evening based on your preferable hours. If you are new to the desert scapes, you will find the desert safaris a differential experience. The adventure-packed safaris are safe and most enjoyable. You will be lost in the thrills of amazing safaris planned in the desert stretch of the global city, Dubai. The typical desert safari belong to the Arabian deserts. The Dubai desert safaris are most popular from tourists across the globe. You will find the desert safari to dubai experience most fascinating as other tourists frequenting the desert stretch of Dubai every year.

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About Us

Dubai is the new adventure destination in the Middle East with its thrilling desert safaris planned in the arid stretch. The sandy scapes of the global city is a live-wire with its inferno of adventure activities planned as part of the desert safari in Dubai. Earn memorable experiences in the city while opting the safaris. Discover new thrills offered by the desert safari tours. At Dubai Desert Safari Tours, we have experience exceeding 2 decades on planning exciting safaris. As highly experienced tour operators in Dubai, Dubai Desert Safari Tours have top tour packages palnned to fit your budget and provide you an exhilirating expedition in the golden sands of Dubai.

Highlights of the Dubai Desert Safari

  • Pick up and drop facility
  • Professional guides assistance
  • Professional drivers
  • Well-experienced tour operators
  • 0% risks, 100% safe
  • Complimentary drinks and mineral water
  • Lavish BBQdinner for evening safaris

Dubai Desert Safari Tours

As reputed Tour operators in Dubai, Dubai Desert Safari Tours have the best offerings for the seasoned thrills seekers. They can choose most thrilling adventures as dune bashing. Though pulsating, dune bashing is among the safest adventures ever. Even new visitors to Dubai truly appreciate this adventure experience after they have enjoyed its thrills. Other adventure options in the desert safari in Dubai include sand boarding and camel riding. Dubai Desert Safari tours have a decade of experience in organizing safaris and we are among the cheapest desert safari providers. We have been organizing adventure-packed safaris and winning the interests of global visitors. The desert safari tours have become the new reason to visit Dubai and explore its Arabian deserts. We ensure that our guests have an awesome safari experience. We confirm that the safari tours are absolutely safe and no risks are involved. May we state truly that there has been no singular incidents of risks or accidents in our safaris till date. So, have no stress on planning your Dubai desert safari at the earliest. We are at your total assistance…

Why Choose Dubai Desert Safari Tours

  • Budgetted desert safari tours
  • Best deals on packages
  • Multiple safari options
  • 24/7 customer support for queries
  • Safe online transactions
  • 22 years experience in safari organizing
  • Safe, insured SUVs
  • Professional, licensed driver cum guides
  • Total safety against Covid-19
  • Best Value packages
  • Experienced tour team
  • Ethical tour operators
  • Customized tour packages
  • Top Google reviews by guests
  • Direct booking; agents barred
  • Zero additional charges
  • Complimentary drinks and mineral water

Plan Your Safaris At Convenient Hours

    The desert safari options for your convenience are:
  • Morning desert safari
  • Afternoon Desert Safari
  • Evening desert Safari
  • Overnight desert safari
    Top Inclusions For Your Desert Safaris
  • The 6 hours desert safari tours includes adventure, entertainment, lavish
  • buffet and other best inclusions.
    The best inclusions in the desert safari Dubai are: Adventure session :
  • Dune bashing
  • Camel riding
  • Sand boarding
  • Quad biking
  • Buggy riding
  • Entertainment session:
  • Belly dancing
  • Tanoura dancing
  • Desert Photography

Desert Photography

Do not forget to carry your cameras during your desert safari tours. Shoot brilliant photographs of the desert stretch. Catch the brilliant sunrise in the morning safari or behold the glorious sunset in the evening desert safari. Both the views have plenty of scope for some excellent photography. The vast, panoramic desert stretch venue of the adventure session are ideal for some great photography. Take some time to get splendid shots that will be invaluable memorabilia of your awesome safari experience in Dubai.

BBQ dinner:
BBQ buffet dinner with vegan and non-veg dishes. Your adventure passion will be settled with our desert safari Dubai experience. With a host of adventure options such as dune bashing, quad biking, buggy riding and camel riding, you would have explored the best thrills that the desert scapes have to offer. Professional guides will assist you in your desert safari tours and confirm that you enjoy your experience well. They will instruct you during your adventure session such as in riding buggies or quad bikes.

Have a splendid desert safari experience in Dubai…

From the introduction of the desert safaris, Dubai has a new fame added to its repute. The safaris have added great value to the global city which has plenty of prime attractions. Those new to the desert scapes can discover the thrills of the Arabian deserts during the Dubai desert safari. You can plan desert safari Dubai as a group.Opt private desert safaris if you prize privacy as families, couples, honeymooners or work groups planning great safari exploration together without outsiders. Evening Desert Safaris are the best options as this special safari planned at the evening hours include adventure session, entertainment session and lavish BBQ dinner. After the multiple adventure session, guests can choose entertainments at the camp site. This includes belly dancing, Shisha smoking, Tanoura dancing and henna tattooing for women. The special evening concludes with a lavish dinner buffet. Choose the evening desert safaris as these safaris are loaded with entertainment and lavish dinner buffet.

A fascinating desert safari tour is at your hands-reach. Reach out to us and plan a wonderful experience. As experienced tour operators, we have rated the desert safaris as most affordable ones so that all tourists from across the globe can freely explore the splendid experience in Dubai. We are among the trusted safari providers in the Middle East providing cheapest desert safaris. We assure you good comfort and a hassle-free experience. Book your desert safaris soon with us…Earn a lifetime experience…